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Lord Ganesha Idol in Samadhi

₹499    ₹899   -44%

Red Blue Lord Ganesha Tea Light Holder

₹549    ₹750   -27%

BPS21 Green Hand Block Print Saree

₹1,120    ₹2,100   -47%

BPS20 Brown Hand Block Print Saree

₹899    ₹2,500   -64%

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Jhumka Mud Terracotta Earrings

₹349    ₹699   -50%

Sunrays Terracotta Earrings

₹249    ₹549   -55%

Triangle Design Terracotta Earrings

₹249    ₹449   -45%

Gold Plated Ganesha Idol with Sitar

₹499    ₹899   -44%

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Ancient Design Terracotta Earrings

₹399    ₹550   -27%

Dangle Terracotta Stud Earrings

₹399    ₹600   -34%


Darpan Audichya
Recently purchased few items from Myindicraft. Totally profesional in delivery and creative in design. Happy and satisfied.
Darpan Audichya
 Jeetram Chandel
My God Myindicraft is all over on Instagram and Facebook. Very nice handmade items available, export material Bought Tea Coasters for home!!
Jeetram Chandel
Pragya Gupta
I have bought the White and Orange Buddha Statue in Dhyan Mudra. I like the quality of the resin and also got the delivery of the statue in just 4 days. 
Pragya Gupta
Richard White
The lady figurine modern art is just too good. My neighbors were also asking for this kind of art. I have mentioned your website.
Richard White

One of the Best Online Handicraft Stores. I ordered Jhumka Mud Terracotta Earrings from Canada and received the products in just 10 days.

Nikita Aman Sharma
I am delighted with services. I purchased Ganesha Idol for my home. Its material is super fine and the Ganesha...
Nikita Aman Sharma

Myindicraft: Handcrafted Products By Indian Artisans is originated from Rajasthan, India. Our Rajasthani Karigars (Artisans) have equipped us with all Handcrafted Products since the beginning. India is known for its culture, customs and traditions. Indian handicraft Items are celebrated worldwide. They are progressive and unique with bunches of workmanship and craftsmanship. Handicraft Products hold close to the rich and royal way of life of the people of India.

Many people in rural areas of India still earn their livelihood from their creative making of Handcrafted Products.

My Indi Craft stands out as the most reliable source for Handicraft Items. All the Handcrafted Products at Myindicraft are marvelous. You will never regret buying Handicraft Online from us. Products are made by well-known craftsmanship thoughts which make every item precise and novel in its own way.

Buy Indian Handicrafts online with us at an affordable price.

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We all love things that are handcrafted, Right? Why? Handicraft Items show the efforts of Artisans that have been put into the making of a specific product and item. And in case you are a person who's crazy into handmade products, you will love all the goods and items available on My Indi Craft. Check out our wide range of Handicraft Items Online. There are various Handcrafted Products like Block Printed Sarees, Marble Modern Art, Terracotta Jewellery, etc.

Choose From the Unique Home Decor Items and Handicraft Products Online

Home decor is all approximately including finishing touches for your lounging vicinity, sitting vicinity, Handicraft Products play a very important role when it comes to Home Decor. Home Decor needs finishing touches for your lounging vicinity, sitting vicinity, or every other area. As you need to recall for enjoyable moments and enjoyment. Do you want to provide your house with a new makeover with Unique Handicraft Items? You can consider Myindicraft which has a series of such exceptional home decor items. Our Handcrafted Products online might assist you in delivering your own home a new appearance.

Our decor section consists of Marble Modern Art, Candles and Tealights, and Idols and sculptures like Ganesha Idols and Buddha Statues. These types of Handicraft Products can help you to give your comfort area a better look. Browse the wide range of home decor online at Myindicraft. Buy home decor articles like Clocks, Handmade Frames, Idols and sculptures at affordable prices.

Let's Discuss some of the most trending Categories of Myindicraft from which you may also like to have a chance to try:

Handicraft Items like Marble Modern Art

At Myindicraft, we offer a wide variety of Handicraft Items. You can check various Marble Modern Art like Marble Vases, Marble plates, and so forth. Our product variety consists of an extensive range of designer cutting-edge artifacts. As we are a direct dealer from our Indian Artisans you will get the Indian Handcrafted Product at the best price.

Handcrafted Products like Jaipur Blue Pottery

If you are looking for something rich and classy then Jaipur Blue Pottery can be the best category. It is one of the most stylish Handcrafted Products that everybody loves in their home. At Myindicraft you can get Handicraft Items like Tea Cup Coasters, Beer Mugs, Plates and Many More. Discover the magic of our crafts and bring a touch of Rajasthan into your life

Handmade Candles and Tealight Holders

Candles and Tealight Holders at Myindicraft are so attractive that it' will help to intensify your home. Our Candles and Tealight Holders are Handcrafted Products that are unique and modern. The products are made using historical strategies. There are many sizes and designs in these Handicraft Items and you can select as per your home need.

Idols and Sculptures

At Myindicraft, currently, you can find all the polyresin-based handpainted Products. Idols and Sculptures help you adorn your space and deliver an exclusive appearance. You can find Ganesha Idols, Buddha Statues and many other art figurines in the category. These are also exquisite gifting alternatives for your own family and pals. Cherished your close ones during the event of housewarming or any festivity.

Laddu Gopal Accessories

Laddu Gopal is a baby avatar of Lord Krishna and is in the heart of many devotees in India. Laddu Gopal, the adorable deity symbolizing innocence and love. If you are also one of the beloved devotees and looking for Lord Laddu Gopal Accessories then you are at the right place. We have accessories, each adding a touch of divine elegance to the revered deity's presence. Among these adornments, the Laddu Gopal Mala weaves devotion into delicate strands, adorning the deity with reverence and grace. The Mukut Shringar, with its majestic crowns and ornaments, bestows regality upon the beloved Lord, elevating His divine stature. Furthermore, miniature furniture pieces crafted with exquisite detail serve as symbolic offerings of comfort and hospitality to the deity. With a plethora of accessories available, each selected to honor the deity. The devotee's connection deepens, fostering a sense of divine presence and spiritual fulfillment.

Clothing- Hand Block Printed Sarees and Handcrafted Products

Presenting you with the best range of Hand Block Printed Sarees Online. Our clothing range consists of various Handcrafted Products for any festivities. Traditional apparel items like Block Printed Sarees are hand-picked. They are made in our thoughts by keeping the customer's stage of consolation in our thoughts.

Handcrafted Jewellery- Terracotta Jewellery And Necklaces

In Handcrafted Jewellery, we currently have the most unique & attractive Terracotta Jewellery.

Handcrafted jewellery is made by hand without using any machinery. Besides, there is use of only hands for refining, polishing and smoothing the jewelry. In Terracotta Jewellery each piece in our collection is clean, creative and unique. These Handicraft Items are made with the aid of the best professional artisans. The craftsmen use historical strategies passed down through generations. These handcrafted products are designed in classic, ethnic or modern patterns. Our Terracotta Jewelry is handmade with love and embellished with traditional procedure.

Each piece of our Handcrafted Jewellery has a story based on ancient artwork and culture. But it is also interpreted to present-day tastes. Jewellery that is made by hand offers the wearer a special feeling of owning something no one else has due to its specialty. It's far an interesting alternative to the jewelry produced with machines.

Additionally, a handcrafted ornament conveys a lot more than selecting something from the display of a shop. At My Indi Craft, you will get precise, superbly crafted handicraft jewelry designs at a very low cost. Each piece of handcrafted earrings and jewels in our collection is based on historical artwork, culture and approach. But, these are reinterpreted to cutting-edge tastes.

Ideology Behind Myindicraft: Online Shopping Store

Online shopping for Handicraft Items has many benefits but the spirit of Myindicraft products is to express gratitude to the fans not just to make their reach limited to buying options but to offer value for money functionality with premium quality handcrafted products. My Indi Craft is giving outstanding goals to the team by looking into the psyche of customers is the relative way to connect with the world of online shopping for handicrafts to maintain the zeal of the handmade products in every individual.

Myindicraft Export: International Shipping Throughout The World

My Indi Craft also export Indian handicraft items and Handcrafted Products. The Countries like the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and many more. in the list. So if you are looking for the best and unique handicraft items then Myindicraft is the one stop shop for you.

Myindicraft offers honest access to a treasure trove of handmade products Online. They are curated by way of partnering with groups of impaneled artisans. Borrowing notions from our "Indian Karigar" roots, we devote this gateway to the continuously evolving and ever inspiring nature of Indian artists. Myindicraft is offering the world a gateway toward Indian handcrafted products online. So if you are also crazy about handmade items then visit us now and shop!